Basic products – Baby mat MARINER

The great play mat for babies and kids Casmatino Mariner protects your baby from the cold and discomfort when playing on the floor. You can let him discover the world full of fun and playing in comfort and safety anywhere you are without worries.


  • Casmatino mat protects your baby from the cold and discomfort when playing on the floor or ground
  • Easy handling, fast packing and unpacking, packaging include Casmatino bag
  • You can take Casmatino mat with you anywhere you go thanks to compact dimensions and low weight
  • Awesome mat for whole family
  • Colourful, eye-catching and funny pattern which motivate baby to move and the mat works like nonviolent educative instrument.
  • The mat makes it easy to learn alphabet, to identify the animals or subject (depending on the type of product)
  • A cow, a pig, a dog, a sheep, a cat, a giraffe, a bear or flower is waiting for your cutiepie here.

Foam puzzle mats vs. Casmatino mat

Foam puzzle mats have one major disadvantages against Casmatino mats.

  • Foam puzzle mats are often disassembled to the smallest pieces by the kids.
  • Foam puzzle mats after disassembled losing the function and then kids are not more protect against cold and injuries.

Advantages of Casmatino mat:

  • Protect babies and kids against injuries
  • One big, compact and low weight piece
  • Using on different surfaces
  • Easy handling
  • Fast packing and unpacking, packaging include Casmatino bag
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect termo and noise insulation, soakless and waterproof materials.
  • Health and hygienic harmlessness


  • Interiors of apartments, houses and various building such as schools or kindergarten
  • Kids room and nooks
  • Outdoors areas like grassy areas, hard surfaces e.g. concrete, paving
  • Also, you can use Casmatino mat in country side, picnic, garden, swimming pool, beaches and many other places
  • Home mat for yoga and for practise exercise

Care and maintenance:


  • The mat is easy to clean and can be cleaned with common detergents and water, use a soft sponge or dish-cloth
  • The mat always dry after using and cleaning


  • Do not keep children without attendance
  • Be careful when using mat on a smooth surface – risk of slipping
  • The packaging of product don´t serve like mat, keep out of reach of children
  • Do not expose to long-term sunlight
  • Do not keep to near heat sources (fire, oven …)
  • Before each use please check the product for damage. In case of damage product is using on your own responsibility
  • Using the product is on your own responsibility
  • The product is not resistant against to mechanical damage
  • The mat is not aimed for using in water and do not serve as water air-bed


The manufacturer is Slovak company Caspro cooperation with Asian subsuppliers. Casmatino mats are not made in China.
Casmatino mats are made by Polyethylen foam, which is laminated from the top side by decorative film with embossing. Film used for lamination is food contact quality.
Perfect thermic and noise insulation.
Soakless and waterproof materials.


Thanks to small weight Casmatino mat have easily and quickly packing, unpacking and packed into a bag.
Folded Casmatino dimensions: 72 x 42 x 11 cm
Unfolded Casmatino dimensions: 200 x 140 x 0.9 cm


The Casmatino mats are health and hygienic harmlessness so your baby can peacefully and safety play without endangering his health.
The Casmatino mats are regularly tested in the reputable Czech company ITC Zlín and meet the most serious standards in European Union for kids toys in the category by 3 years.
Our mats are also tested for content of phthalate and heavy metals and there is no content of such chemicals.
This all makes Casmatino mats unique and quality product for whole family.


Casmatino mats have guarantee for 2 years. The guarantee does not apply to mechanical damage caused by use. Mats can be damaged by wrong and incorrect using a then losing their termo a noise isolation features and protection function. Using a damage mat is on your own responsibility.

Don´t use the mat on ragged surfaces such us brash and rocks. The mat is not aimed for using in water.

Mechanical damage means (it may arise):

  • Damage by pets – disruption, biting, scratch
  • Damage by furniture likes by the chair

Possible undulations, protuberances and impressionals are not defects unless in not impaired integrity of surface.